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  • Exhibitor Kit and Guidelines
  • How to apply to be our Charity of Choice
  • Volunteer at The Calgary Woman's Show

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Exhibitor Information

Fall Exhibitor Kit -- DOWNLOAD HERE 


Important Booth Restrictions:
Please note any booth with a tent, canopy or fabric backdrop MUST  have a permanently attached label indicating conformance to CAN/ULC–S109, “Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films”. American, European, or any other standard certification will NOT be sufficient. If this is not provided, the first marshall will have you remove your tent / canopy from the Show.

 Please contact our office direct with any questions!
Thank you!

Socialize with Us! 

The Calgary Woman's Show is working hard to bring qualified attendees to the Show!

Download the images below to share on your social media outlets. 

Charity of Choice - APPLY NOW!

We would like to invite you to apply as our Charity of Choice.

Here are the requirements for consideration:

  • Local organizations whose focus is on assisting women and children who currently do not receive major financial funding/support;
  • Non-profit/charitable status plus registered number;
  • Charity Coordinator to organize volunteers to stuff our 5,000 Swag Bags;
  • 20 - 30 Guaranteed Volunteers for Friday Swag Bag stuffing (recommend 2, 3-hour shifts);
  • Volunteers to come in shifts starting at 1pm Friday until completion - it can take up to 4.5 to 6 hours to complete;
  • Volunteers cover their Stampede Parking costs - carpooling or public transit is recommended;
  • We recommend volunteers bring their own coffee, snacks, water bottles and lunch. Coffee/food can be purchased on-site through Stampede concessions;
  • Charity staff/volunteers to set-up and tear-down booth as well as man booth over 2 day Show; and
  • Volunteers to assist at the front entrance during show hours, tasks include handing out swag bags & show guides, and greeting attendees. 2 - 4 volunteers required for all show hours. 
  • Logo & Bio: We require a high-resolution logo (minimum 1MB file size) for use to promote your organization as well as the content you'd like to appear on our website.


Here's what the Calgary Woman's Show provides to our Charity of Choice:

  • You receive a 10x10 fully-equipped, carpeted booth with an 8' skirted table and 2 chairs, 
    Booth Value: $1,610
  • $600 cheque to thank your organization for stuffing our Swag Bags.
    (please provide a tax receipt).
  • Marketing Campaign - valued at thousands of dollars
  • Website - inclusion on our website with full details on your organization plus link to your site, logo inclusion on rotating Logo Banner and mention of Charity status on Exhibitor Listing;
  • Show Guide Recognition - logo inclusion with description of your organization.
  • Show Signage - signage for your booth indicating you're our Charity of Choice;
  • Social Media - announcement as our Charity, and we'll ask our Facebook audience of over 5,000 to support you plus Like your organization's page;
  • Media Release - announcing you as our Charity - goes out to all media connections through our Publicist;

If your organization is able to meet our requirements, we would be pleased to place your Charity on our list for consideration.

Please email the required information for consideration to:
[email protected]

Volunteer Opportunities

We’d like to invite you to Volunteer with the Calgary Woman’s Show!

Fulfill your community obligations by assisting us with our events:

  • Minimum age requirement – 16 years of age
  • High School, College and University Students
  • Sporting Organizations
  • Adults interested in volunteering
  • Corporate organizations
Please email us at:
[email protected]


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